Benetek Viewfinder Goggle

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Color: Teal orange and blue w/ orange spare

The Details

  • Includes Two Lenses

    Every pair of our goggles is thoughtfully equipped with two lenses: one optimized for bright, sunny conditions and a bonus lens tailored for those overcast, low-light days. Gear up for any weather

  • Over The Glasses

    Designed with precision, our goggles feature thoughtful notches tailored for skiers and snowboarders who sport glasses underneath. Experience a seamless fit and clear vision, ensuring both comfort and functionality on the slopes

  • Double Layered Magnetic Lenses

    Introducing the Zeiss Magnetic Double-Layered Goggle Lens, meticulously designed for unparalleled vision clarity. Seamlessly switch between sunny and low-light lenses with our rapid-change magnetic system. Experience the outdoors with precision and adaptability, ensuring you're equipped for any light condition.

  • Replaceable Straps

    Elevate your snow gear fashion and ensure lasting durability with our versatile goggle straps. Whether you're aiming to match a standout outfit on the slopes or prolonging the life of your beloved goggles, our interchangeable straps offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. Experience a fresh look with each change, and keep your goggles in peak condition for countless adventures ahead.

  • Comfortable and durable straps

    Redefining comfort and resilience, our goggle straps boast increased height for a superior fit. Coupled with innovative silicone waves, they cling tenaciously to hats or helmets, guaranteeing unwavering stability during your most adventurous rides.

  • Triple Layer Foam

    Designed for extended adventures, our goggles come equipped with plush triple-layer foam, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit throughout your day on the slopes

  • Vertical Strength Pins

    Revolutionizing goggle design, we've introduced a pin system that seamlessly connects the magnetic lens to the soft goggle frame. This enhancement not only ensures a perfect fit but also adds superior vertical strength for enduring performance.

  • Micro fiber Bag and Spare Lens Case

    Shield your lenses from potential scratches and damage with our premium microfiber goggle bag. Plus, enjoy added protection with a neoprene lens case, designed for durability and care on the go.

  • Medium Size Goggle

    Experience a tailored view with our medium-sized goggles, featuring sleek cylindrical lenses. Boasting dimensions of 175mm for the inner lens length, an outer goggle span of 215mm, and a height of 106mm, they're crafted to provide an optimal fit and visual clarity.

Customer Reviews

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Dave Ollivers
Happy to support

Tommie's content on YouTube has been key to my progression last season so I figured I'd give these goggles a try. Overall love the goggles but the one challenge was the strap are not easy to interchange but once I figured it out it was fine.


Took them out to keystone for a weekend and can say that i haven’t had any issues with fogging, fits comfortably around the helmet as well as underneath. Haven’t had one issue with the lens falling out and coming undone when falling👍. Over all a great product made the switch and won’t go back.

Jake Morrison
Lens is a plus

I recently tried the Benetek Goggles and was pleasantly surprised. The lens clarity is fantastic, providing great visibility even in varying light conditions. The magnetic lens system is a neat feature - it's pretty handy for quick changes, though it takes a bit of getting used to. Overall, a solid choice for any snowboarder looking for quality without breaking the bank

Quality yo

The best Quality you can buy