Benetek viewfinder goggles

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The Viewfinder goggle is a high-performance and durable eye protection designed to provide clear and comfortable vision in winter weather conditions. The Viewfinder come in a range of styles and colors to suit any taste, making them the perfect choice for skiing, snowboarding, or any other winter sports or activities.

Key Features:
-Medium Frame Size
-Magnetic interchangeable lenes
-Frame/goggle pins for added vertical strength and support
-Taller straps for added comfort and long lasting elasticity
-Low and high light lens to any condition

Goggles include:
-1 Dark lens for sunny and bright days
-1 Clear low light lens for cloudy and overcast days
-Microfiber goggle bag
-Spare lens care


The Details

  • Includes Two Lenses

    Every pair of our goggles is thoughtfully equipped with two lenses: one optimized for bright, sunny conditions and a bonus lens tailored for those overcast, low-light days. Gear up for any weather

  • Over The Glasses

    Designed with precision, our goggles feature thoughtful notches tailored for skiers and snowboarders who sport glasses underneath. Experience a seamless fit and clear vision, ensuring both comfort and functionality on the slopes

  • Double Layered Magnetic Lenses

    Introducing the Zeiss Magnetic Double-Layered Goggle Lens, meticulously designed for unparalleled vision clarity. Seamlessly switch between sunny and low-light lenses with our rapid-change magnetic system. Experience the outdoors with precision and adaptability, ensuring you're equipped for any light condition.

  • Replaceable Straps

    Elevate your snow gear fashion and ensure lasting durability with our versatile goggle straps. Whether you're aiming to match a standout outfit on the slopes or prolonging the life of your beloved goggles, our interchangeable straps offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. Experience a fresh look with each change, and keep your goggles in peak condition for countless adventures ahead.

  • Comfortable and durable straps

    Redefining comfort and resilience, our goggle straps boast increased height for a superior fit. Coupled with innovative silicone waves, they cling tenaciously to hats or helmets, guaranteeing unwavering stability during your most adventurous rides.

  • Triple Layer Foam

    Designed for extended adventures, our goggles come equipped with plush triple-layer foam, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit throughout your day on the slopes

  • Vertical Strength Pins

    Revolutionizing goggle design, we've introduced a pin system that seamlessly connects the magnetic lens to the soft goggle frame. This enhancement not only ensures a perfect fit but also adds superior vertical strength for enduring performance.

  • Micro fiber Bag and Spare Lens Case

    Shield your lenses from potential scratches and damage with our premium microfiber goggle bag. Plus, enjoy added protection with a neoprene lens case, designed for durability and care on the go.

  • Medium Size Goggle

    Experience a tailored view with our medium-sized goggles, featuring sleek cylindrical lenses. Boasting dimensions of 175mm for the inner lens length, an outer goggle span of 215mm, and a height of 106mm, they're crafted to provide an optimal fit and visual clarity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alex E
Excellent Goggles

Comfy all day use with excellent optical clarity and FOV in all conditions. Lens change system works well. Compatible with Giro Ledge helmet.

Eric Buan
Sick Goggles

Going from $15 goggles to these totally changed the game for me. I'm not gonna knock points off since the package came a little damaged, not sure who that was from, but overall it worked great. Could see much better, really comfortable and less strain on my eyes.

Chad Goare
Nice goggles

I bought a pair of these at the end of my season so will not use them until 24-25 season. I have used Smith I/O in the past and rarely change my lenses as they are really finicky. I couldn’t justify dropping $350+ on their 4D to replace my worn out pair. I had watched a few of Tommie’s videos and learned about the goggles. For $99, I decided to give them a shot. Time will tell about performance, but they seem very high quality and the lenses are very easy to change. Fits well with Smith Vantage helmet. I’m excited to use them next season. And thanks for the free foam roller…sweet gift!